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PANEL: Point chiseled marbles 10x3; PANEL: Bush hammered and flamed Granite plus honed Black Basalto Stone in ventilated facade 80x40x3 mechanised the edges; PANEL: Polished Cream Levante Marble with red veins; PANEL: Emperor Light Marble and Cream Loja Marble combination drawing a checkerboard

FLOOR: Aged Red Coralito Marble and Cream Ivory cubes; PANEL: Polished Cream Pearl-like Marble; PANEL: Polished bevelled Cream Ivory Marble piece 20x20 with frieze and polished Red Coralito pieces; PANEL: Red Brewed Marble with cube Cream Ivory Coto Marble; PANEL: Cream Loja Marble in checkers with Emperor Castril Marble; FLOOR: Rose Chirivel

PANEL: White Portuguese Marble with Indian Green friezes; PANEL: Cream Pearl-like Marble with edges and friezes combined with White Macael Marble; PANEL: Aged Cream Ivory Classic Marble and Red Alicante cube

PANEL: Pieces in checkers of Cream Ivory Coto Marble and Brown Imperial Marble with a frieze in the middle pieces 2x2; PANEL: Red Alicante and friezes Yellow Macael; PANEL: Ventilated facade mechanised pieces 80x40x3 in Black Marquina, Rose chirivel, Capri limestone, Sant vicente Stone, Cenia stone with different finishes polished, flamed, honed; BATHROOM: Italian Daino reale with a frieze and a vanity top in Indian Green landing on the marble-top an artisan washbasin made of White Macael

PANEL: Marbella puzzle forming a net with Brown Imperial pieces and White Ibiza edges. The bottom in Cream Ivory Coto Marble; PANEL: Light Emperor Marble 30x30 and frieze of four sides in White Macael 7x2 with 7x7 cube brown marble; PANEL: Greyish and polished Red Coralito; PANEL: Cream Levante-Elvira Marble and pieces 20x20 Red Cehegin chocolate with frieze in cubes 5x5 and White Macael edge

PANEL: Polished Grey Cehegin; PANEL: Polished Ambar Travertine with its tiny holes covered by a resin of a similar colour, brown frieze and pieces of Yellow Fosil Sandstone honed with quirk; BATHROOM: Polished Roman Travertine with covered pores by a transparent resin and hollow vanity-top made by pieces 2 cm of polished Red Travertine with covered pores by a coloured resin

PANEL: 80x30x2 Polished national Cream Travertine with its tiny holes covered by a coloured resin; KITCHEN: Rustic one which combines Travertine marble with finishes serrated, polished with a resin, bush hammered, given a coloured resin and later aged, and in formats 30x30, 5x5 and 20x20; on the floor Emperor Chirivel with a frieze Rose Chirivel; PANEL: Aged pieces with open tiny holes in national Travertines from Almeria, red, yellow, oak, cream, amber, olivillo; Bathroom with panel formed by aged pieces 10x10 Emperor Chirivel, Rose Chirivel, Cream Ivory and wainscot 30x30 rose, floor Red Coralito and Ivory frieze, Light Emperor vanity-top and rock-solid Cream Ivory Coto washbasin

BATHROOM: Panel with pieces 30x30x2 aged with abrasive brushes, on the wall aged piece with rounded edges 5x5 Emperor Chirivel and shower pieces 7x7, on the floor pieces 40x20 of aged Rose Zarci; PANEL: Polished Red Spanish Travertine given a coloured resin in big format 80x40x2

BATHROOM: Polished Italian Serpeggiante Marble 60x30x1.5 with vanity top and Brown Imperial frieze; BATHROOM: Marbles piece 30x30 Yellow Macael and oriental Indian Green with vanity top in both colours; BATHROOM: Polished and bevelled Cream Ivory Coto Marble piece 60x40 and floor 40x40 of Rose Zarci Marble

SECTION: Kitchen worktops in quartz Compac Silestone

PANEL: Teka Sandstone with and without having been applied a waterproofing liquid; BATHROOM: Cream Ivory panel and vanity top with artisan baluster and handrail

PANEL: Honed Floresta Stone pieces 60x30x2; BATHROOM: rustic, on the wall aged Emperor Chirivel and on the central panel 7x7 dark aged with rounded edges Ivory Marble, vanity top board covered with pieces 5x5, floor Cream Levante with vein and White Ibiza shower tray with non-skid striae and isle

PANEL: White Macael with polished Black Marquina and floor with friezes in harmony, table which is hollow inside with cover 3cm; PANEL: Polished and bevelled Cream Loja; BATHROOM: Grey Cehegin and White Macael marbles on the wall, vanity top and floor; BATHROOM: Cream Ivory Classic combined with pieces with the shape of set squares in Emperor Chirivel and vanity top with rock-solid and artisan balusters

PANEL: Natural Grey Brazilian Slate 60x30x1 calibrated, mechanized at the back which has been applied a waterproofing liquid that protects and intensifies its colour; BATHROOM: combination of pieces placed diagonally of aged Cream Ivory and Cream Serpiente Marbles with vanity top made of polished Spanish Travertine and a polished, round and rock-solid Brown Imperial washbasin

PANEL: 30x30x2 aged to brush White Ibiza Marble and beig quartz stone top, floor Beisalmon 8 Marble

External wall covered with marbles, limestones, travertines and sandstones with appropriate and lasting finishes for the outside, so they are not affected as time goes by

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