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WALL: Yellow Fosil Sandstone serrated face; CORRIDOR: Travertine Olivillo aged to brush with its tiny holes covered by a resin, placed with joint 1 cm and divisions by 10x10 Rose Chirivel aged with rounded edges; BATHROOM: Polished White Macael Marble 40x20x2 with quirk in a long side and the floor covered with the same marble dyed blue

FLOOR: Polished White Macael A Marble with pieces 60x60x2 separated by Indian Green strips 2x2

FLOOR: Polished Crema Niza 30x30x2 and wall with panels of honed and bevelled Niwala Yellow size 200x60x2

FLOOR: White Ibiza Marble aged to brush and frieze of Red Travertine, kitchen pieces 20x20 and 10x10 aged with boulder ridges

SETTING: Multicoloured-Rusty Slate damp on the floor in pieces 40x20x1 and not damp, that is, in its own on the wall (size 40x40x1), Cream Ivory Coto Marble chimney

SETTING: Wall covered by aged to brush Red Travertine with its pores filled by a resin in a similar colour, Floor of dark and aged Cream Ivory Coto Marble together with friezes in Red Travertine and Ivory cubes

SETTING: Wall of aged Cream Ivory Classic Marble with edges chipped, placed with joint of 1 cm filled with concrete dyed black, Kitchen with aged to brush Rose Zarci pieces size 20x20x2, Floor Rose Zarci with joint of 1 cm and cubes 5x5x2 Yellow Macael; WALL: Point chiseled 10x3 Cream Ivory Classic Marble; the rest is a panel of polyester which imitates the natural stone

FLOOR: Cream Pearl-like 40x40x2 with frieze of dark Brown Imperial Marble size 40x10x2; BATHROOM: Yellow Macael Marble - triana in boards 250x50x2 polished and separated by polished piece in Indian Green 5x3 with a rock-solid and artisan washbasin in Red Travertine on vanity top with pedestals of Yellow Macael; BATHROOM: Boards 240x60x2 of polished Roman Travertine with covered pores by a transparent resin; WALL: Panel of Niwala Yellow Sanstone face serrated

SETTING: Polished Cream Loja Marble

SETTING: Pieces 10x10x2 of Rose Chirivel Marble aged with boulder ridges, Kitchen pieces size 20x20x2 and wall of aged to brush Rose Chirivel; BATHROOM: Polished Spanish Travertine with a coloured resin in pieces 120x50x2 separated by recessed bands 10x1 of Grey Slate and artisan vanity top and washbasin; BATHROOM: Polished Red Travertine with a resin in a similar colour pieces 120x50x2 separated by polished Ivory frieze 10x2

BATHROOM: Polished Black Marquina Marble in boards 120x50x2 with frieze 10x2 of White Macael and artisan washbasin on vanity top of White Macael; BATHROOM: Pieces 60x30x2 cut diagonally of aged Olivillo Travertine with its pores filled and aged Cream Ivory Classic with vanity top made of wood together with artisan Cream Ivory washbasin

SETTING: Panel with pieces 10x10x2 of Beisalmon tone 9 reddish and aged with boulder ridges, wall and floor of polished White Ibiza Marble size 30x30x2 with a drawing of polished Beisalmon tone 9 Marble, vanity top of Roman Travertine with aged Red Alicante washbasin

FLOOR: Polished White Italian 40x40x2; HEXAGON: Tiles 30x30x2 of polished and bevelled Grey Cehegin Marble; HEXAGON: Tiles 30x30x2 of polished and bevelled brewed Red Marble; WALL: Pieces Rose Chirivel point chiseled Marble 10x3

FLOOR: Polished Macael Marble 40x40x2; HEXAGON: Tiles 30x30x2 of polished and bevelled Red Cehegin Marble; WALL: Polished pieces 40x10x2 of Cenia de Ulldecona Marble; WALL: Aged Honey Travertine opened pores ; FLOOR: Italian Daino Reale Marble nuvolato type ; HEXAGON: Polished pieces 40x20x2 of White Macael Marble

FLOOR: Serpegiante Marble from Italy placed in pairs tiles size 60x30x1.5 interchanging the veins; HEXAGON: Polished Indian Green piece 40x20x2; WALL: Aged to brush Yellow Travertine panel pores opened; FLOOR: Sierra Elvira Marble with our logo in White marble; WALL: Aged to brush Amber Travertine with covered pores by a coloured resin

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